Of Mickey Mouse and Men

May the 40th Be With You did not happen.

I was mostly on track, and then everything changed. I’ve lost my motivation to run, and I’m in a near constant state of questioning what’s important in life. Every day I walk a few miles with my wife, and I find I enjoy that a lot more than a run on my own.

This week, I did try to run a half marathon. It was fun, the weather was amazing. My heart was not in it, and my legs did not cooperate.

I had to walk a couple miles towards the end.

I wish I had something inspirational to say. I’m just not sure what comes next.

Published by Jordan Atlas

Sharing my thoughts about running as an almost real adult.

3 thoughts on “Of Mickey Mouse and Men

  1. Nice half marathon effort. We’re all in this together, even if we’re physically separate. I also feel the uncertainty of not knowing what’s next.

    I related to what you said in your last post, too, about looking forward to upcoming races with confidence/hunger. It’s weird to feel that way and also not know when races might be able to take place again. My June 28 marathon hasn’t been canceled, but I’m not feeling hopeful. I’ve been looking for backups, but it’s like… when might we may be able to race again? September? December? Who knows?

    There must be something to the Hansons method though, because I’m also having the best year of running in years!

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    1. So glad it’s going well! I should pick it up again, maybe without the track workouts (only because I don’t want to have to drive to find a track that I can sneak onto).

      Also, if I did it again I’d probably choose the beginner plan.. I think that gets plenty of running without as much chance of burnout.


      1. As far as not knowing when we can race again…. Yeah… I think I need to find a way to hold myself accountable and actually try hard (like race hard) for a run, without all the other people being there. Hmmm. Maybe if I live broadcast it that would be enough pressure.


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