Why Should Running Be Normal Right Now?

One of my colleagues works and lives in Beijing. In January, he travelled to Hubei Province (home to the city of Wuhan) with his family, and to this day they have not returned to Beijing. Their condo in Beijing has been sitting empty for half a year. Today in a phone meeting, he said “GoodContinue reading “Why Should Running Be Normal Right Now?”

The Loneliness of the Socially Distanced Runner

February was the best month of running I’ve had in ten years. I could feel all the miles I’d banked accruing interest. Yes, at over 40 miles per week, I was constantly exhausted. Yes, getting up on Tuesdays and Thursdays before dawn, and then finishing a full workout before dawn, was daunting. But it wasContinue reading “The Loneliness of the Socially Distanced Runner”